The Cassina dining area hosts dining tables and chairs that have re-written the history of design, iconic desks and cabinets, products whose distinctive features include artisan workmanship, an inseparable bond between efficiency, stability and beauty.


stili di ambiente dining


The house, a curiosity cabinet, with flowing, flexible areas defined by imposing, brown wooden framing and illuminated by large sections of light. We find iconic furnishing and contemporary shapes, sculptural elements and soft lines, all enhanced by the most noble wood, the most prized leather, and the most refined marble. A suspended, sophisticated space whose interior vibrates with views of the surrounding nature.



A luxurious, voluminous apartment from last century opens the door to an original conversation between different styles and eras, and a lexis in which varying, lavish materials and beautifully unique shapes counter the accents of a precisely designed and defined space. Intense, monumental areas hold a dialogue with design icons, welcoming upholstered pieces that enrich with eloquence.


The interiors of a stately home, with their frescoed walls, cornice friezes and elegantly decorated ceilings, are the inspiration for a journey between the past and the future. Experiment new colour combinations, with striking blends of scale and unusual geometries, in precious leathers, tactile fabrics, fine woods and shiny metallic finishes, and rediscover the harmony of unique and eclectic spaces, from the living and dining areas to the bedroom, to define an exclusive and contemporary home.


A historic residence overlooking the city where one is left to dream up new directions and perspectives. The large spaces are illuminated by copious light and customised with padded furniture systems for the living room, original combinations of tables, seats, storage units and bookcases with organic or rationalist lines for the dining room, and lighter or more sophisticated solutions for the bedroom. Also with a touch of boldness, in line with the home’s architecture, which balances its revolutionary spirit on one hand with elegance and tradition on the other.


Generous, airy and well-lit spaces, perfect for socialising, host rooms that are arranged in a free and continuous sequence according to one’s own personality. The colour palette and authentic, highquality materials - full grain leather, fine wood, smooth, compact and shiny velvet - contrast with the sculpted elements of the architectural context to create completeness and proportion in both the single configurations and the overall decor.


The austere elegance of an early 20th century apartment with strong architectural overtones: oak-inlay flooring, mosaics, box windows, stucco and cornices define all the rooms, consistently dialoguing with both the rigorous furnishings and the functional modular systems, with their sinuous or austere lines, in the warm colours of the leather, wood and fabrics.


Light wood or stone surfaces and large windows define the warm volumes of this eco-villa surrounded by greenery. A perfect choice for those who love to form connections between different areas of the home in a personal, complete and consistent way, creating vibrant configurations for comfortable living spaces, functional and calibrated dining rooms and night-time areas where little private havens reinvent the concept of intimacy. A space with an unconventional spirit, discreet curiosity and a natural desire to embrace new living habits.

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