The collaboration between Cassina and Lancia, two excellences Made in Italy, continues as they project themselves into the future, paying the utmost attention to circularity and wellbeing. Drawing on its know-how, the result of almost 100 years of history, innovation and research, Cassina transfers its experience to the automotive sector on board the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, the concept car of the new Lancia era.  


In this shared journey inspired by 'The Cassina Perspective', Italian design meets automotive design to create an unprecedented cultural crossover. Several icons were the inspiration for the interior of this car which is closely connected to the world of furniture. In particular, the reference to design is evident in the round carpet, whose warmth immediately recalls a domestic atmosphere, and the new round tables, central and multifunctional elements used for the first time in a car.  The two independent front seats, on the other hand, take their cue from the Maralunga armchairs designed by Vico Magistretti for Cassina, presenting unique proportions and a bold colour scheme.