Cassina and Lancia unveil in a preview the new LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA at the Cassina Store Milan.


This long-awaited model is the result of the extraordinary journey of the two brands. Presented with a 100% electric engine in 1906 numbered and certified pieces, in reference to Lancia’s year of foundation, this car fully reflects Cassina's commitment to always look towards a more sustainable future.


Cassina has transferred its expertise to the new LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA with a novel interpretation, which has brought to life a car with an elegant and contemporary look, that welcomes passengers to make them feel at home, wherever they drive.


The strong design imprint characterises the essence of the model, starting from the interiors that go beyond conventional automotive canons thanks to the inclusion of unusual elements that embody Cassina's manufacturing excellence and craftsmanship. For example, the multifunctional “tavolino”, the first-ever table in a car, bears the Cassina logo and the numbering '1 di 1906', imprinted on the blue saddle-leather top.


The new LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA reflects the extreme care that has been paid to every aspect, from the selection of materials to the use of the colour blue that runs both inside and outside the car, recalling Lancia’s world. The most traditional details are reinterpreted with innovation in mind, as for the soft blue velvet that wraps around the seats,  characterised by the "Cannelloni" pattern.


This partnership confirms once again the eclectic soul of Cassina, that has transferred its expertise over the years to various sectors, from the art and fashion worlds to the automotive industry.