Cassina has always been committed to diffusing the works of the designers and architects of its collections by developing exceptional cross-cultural collaborations. Following the first chapter of the partnership unveiled in 2022, Cassina and One Block Down have come together once again to launch a second project focused on a new limited-edition of the iconic Zig Zag chair by Gerrit T. Rietveld, this time in the three colours intrinsically linked to his work and the De Stijl art movement: red, yellow and blue. Rietveld was in fact an icon of the De Stijl movement which sought to portray visual compositions in their simplest form, resulting in an aesthetic that is defined by linear elements and primary colours.


Like its predecessor, this new version of the Zig Zag is crafted in two opposing materials, wood, highlighting Cassina’s illustrious workmanship, and sheet metal, now saturated in red, yellow or blue, allowing light to manipulate its surfaces to create an evocative visual effect.


To celebrate this limited edition, One Block Down worked on a special campaign featuring an installation at Piscina Scarioni, one of the most iconic public pools in Milan which opened in the Niguarda neighbourhood in 1957 and closed in 1989, before reopening on some occasions in the early 2000s. The campaign highlights the vibrations and colours of the new Cassina x One Block Down collaboration, contrasting with the past glory, greyness and nostalgic beauty of one of the most interesting architectural projects of the city.


The collaboration will be available online at One Block Down from February 24th at 9 am CET.