Cassina and TEAM WANG design collaborate to give a new look to the iconic Utrecht armchair by Gerrit T. Rietveld.


Expression of the manufacturing excellence of Cassina and the innovative design philosophy of TEAM WANG design, TEAM WANG design Utrecht armchair interprets the traditional Chinese philosophical concept of "Yin and Yang” and embodies the beauty of balance between culture and design.


The armchair features harmonious interplays between black and white that symbolise the fusion of opposing forces, where the black side, deep and captivating, contrasts with the vivid visual impact of the white portion. The armrests feature the distinctive blanket stitching of the model, which outlines its contours, and are adorned with TEAM WANG design's signature metal eyelets.


TEAM WANG design Utrecht armchair was officially launched on May 18th. Concurrently, a two-day offline exhibition was held for the occasion at Zhang Yuan in Shanghai from May 18th to May 19th.