The "Made in Cassina" exhibition, organized for the 80th anniversary of the company's birth, was an opportunity to highlight Cassina's vocation as a company that has been able to synthesize innovation, industrial culture and vitality, combining a great awareness of its origins with the ability to interpret the future and create a new season of excellence.

Products, study models, prototypes sorted by designer and alternated to reconstructions of factory archives and work plans with models and objects were featured in the 1000 square meters exhibition, curated by Giampiero Bosoni and staged by Ferruccio Laviani. 


The outcome  was a creative and productive reality,  where the heritage of those designers who made Cassina well-known internationally, merge in the current scenario of cultural transformation of the Company, which is lively and active in the present, and heading towards future.


The exhibition went through some of the masterpieces of around twenty designers – Ponti, Parisi, Rosselli, De Carli, Frattini, Afra and  Tobia Scarpa, Magistretti, Mangiarotti, Bellini, Deganello, Gruppo Arditi, Waddell, Pesce, Mendini, Branzi, Kita, Panton, Morozzi, Sottsass, Castiglioni, Lissoni, Starck, Wettstein, Jouin, Massaud, Dordoni – and their extraordinary results, achieved thanks to the continuous attention paid by Cassina to  trends and research, as well as to high‐quality materials and industrial processing and technology. 

Some masterpieces of the collection “I Maestri” completed the exhibition.


Among the issues of particular interest, the origins of the Company, and the supplies for naval furnishings, reconstructed in the new perspective of continuity to‐date, and well incorporated within the path of the exhibition.

The concept of both exhibition and book was based upon Cassina’s Historical Archive collection: it is the documentary memory of the Companyʹs products.