Gender is an armchair, one of a kind. A combination of materials and colours with a wide range of uses: the soft padded interior converses with the rigid exterior, enhanced by a coloured leather edge that accentuates its sinuosity.
The fabrics cling to the curves of the armchair and come in seven diff erent set colour combinations. The backrest responds to pressure by reclining about 12° and returning automatically to its original position.
A pouf is also available in the same combinations, with leather footrest band to protect the surface from any damage. Two end sections in black saddle leather or shimmering leather, cover the feet of Gender to round things off.


All the models in the Cassina collection, by merit of their artistic content and particular creative character, are protected by copyright, a legal institution that is universally recognised and safeguarded; legal protection is assured for the whole life-span of the author and for 70 years after his/her death (or the death of the last surviving co-author).


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