Rome is the canvas tinged with the unmistakable bright colours of Giacomo Balla’s works thanks to the homage “Casa Balla. Dalla casa all’universo e ritorno” (Casa Balla. From Home to the Universe and Back), organised by the MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts for the 150th anniversary of the birth of this great master of futurism.


An exceptional project that opens his incredible futurist house on via Oslavia in Rome to the public for the first time to reveal a complete work of art, together with an exhibition at MAXXI that highlights his extraordinary contemporaneity, creating a connection both in space and time.

Cassina, always committed to diffusing the works of the architects in its collections through the promotion of cultural initiatives, plays an active role in this exceptional project. 

Interlocking asymmetries: The Communal Table


To celebrate Giacomo Balla's work, Cassina has created The Communal Table based on a design by Patricia Urquiola. This large table, inspired by the asymmetries and diagonal cuts of the artist’s furniture, has coloured, transparent polycarbonate bases that emphasise those iridescent permeations that were so dear to him.

The table, an encounter between design, technology and humanistic sensitivity, is displayed as part of the exhibition and intended to be a place for sharing and exchanging, where visitors can consult documents and material relating to Giacomo Balla’s work. This exchange between people and the arts recalls the artist’s own approach and that of futurism in general.

The table is made up of modular elements built on interlocking symmetrical planes, typical of Balla's style, that give movement and dynamism to the piece, aspects that are also founding concepts of Futurist art. It also focuses on colours and transparencies, testifying how Giacomo Balla's work is not only contemporary but also adaptable to today and tomorrow’s techniques and materials.

“Casa Balla. Dalla casa all’universo e ritorno” curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, Director of MAXXI Arte, and Domitilla Dardi, Curator for Design at MAXXI, is open to the public from the 17th of June to the 21st of November 2021.

Book to visit Casa Balla for the first time, on via Oslavia, during the weekend from Friday 25th of June until 21st of November 2021.



Paravento Balla: artistic expression


At the MAXXI, during the exhibition, Cassina also presents the Paravento Balla, the screen born from a sketch by Giacomo Balla from 1917. Produced by Cassina, in collaboration with the heirs of Giacomo Balla, the screen also stands out for its asymmetrical shapes and bright colours and, like all the products in the Cassina I Maestri Collection, bears the author's logo and signature.


Discover the Paravento Balla screen.