Cassina, “Historical Trademark of National Interest”

Adele Cassina, to the right Umberto Cassina, to the left Cesare Cassina, in front Franco Cassina © Cassina Historical Archives 



Cassina starts 2022 with an important recognition: with its nearly 100-year history marked by excellence and innovation, the company has become part of the “Special Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest”, established by the Ministry of Economic Development.
The register, created to safeguard and enhance the value of manufacturing companies of excellence historically rooted in Italy, exclusively includes companies that have been registered for at least fifty years.
This prestigious milestone means that Cassina can now add the "Historic Brand of National Interest" logo next to its own.

Excellence, innovation, authenticity and culture are just some of the values that are part of this story that began in Meda in 1927 when Cesare and Umberto Cassina founded the family business. Today, Cassina represents a symbol of Italian excellence all over the world and is characterised by a unique lifestyle approach thanks to its eclectic collection in which innovative products harmoniously dialogue with modern icons.


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