Dino Gavina was an enlightened, revolutionary and subversive entrepreneur. An emblematic figure of modern design, the 7th of November marks the centenary of his birth.


The partnership between Cassina and Dino Gavina, whose stories have intertwined on several occasions, has been marked by decisive moments that have determined the history of Italian design. United by a common vision, they changed the dynamics of the design field thanks to their aptitude for experimentation and innovation, the expression of new styles and the promotion of cultural values. This union was confirmed again in 2013 when Cassina acquired Simon, the company born from the encounter between Dino Gavina and Maria Simoncini, and integrated the products into its own collection. Today, thanks to the research and development carried out by Cassina, these icons are still available in new and innovative versions.


From the 21st of October, as the centenary approaches, Cassina gives shape to a special window display at ultra-design in Bologna, Italy, with a selection of icons designed by artists who collaborated with Gavina. Products that have made the history of design, such as the Bramante storage cabinet, a classic of modernity by the Japanese architect Kazuhide Takahama, the Les grands trans-Parents mirror by the American painter, photographer and film director Man Ray and the Paravento Balla screen, an artistic object based on a 1917 drawing by Giacomo Balla that stands out for its vibrant colours and asymmetrical cuts.